Metal+ concept

The construction basis of each Heinen door

Composition of the Metal+ door

Profile of a Heinen door
1 Concrete or sealing mortar.
2 Frame (steel sheet 15/10 or 20/10) covering the thickness of the reveal for a good-looking finish (with optional thermal break).
3 Double lip seal.
4 Insulation around the edges of the door (with intumescent material for fire doors).

Tubular steel structure (60 x 60 x 2 mm).

6 Door skin comprising 15/10 galvanised steel sheet screwed into the tubular structure and individually replaceable.
7 Self-lubricating hinges, adjustable and replaceable, screwed into the tubular door structure.
8 Hyper-strong synthetic material (for optimum protection of the insulation or intumescent material incorporated into the door leaf).

The basic performance features of the Metal+ hung door

  • Frequency of use of a Heinen door

    Frequency of use (EN 1191)

    1,000,000 open/close cycles (max. level)

  • Mechanical resistance of a Heinen door

    Mechanical resistance (EN 1192)

    M+7 (max. level)

  • Service life of the Heinen door

    Service life of the door

    15-year warranty on the door set

  • Burglary resistance performance feature

    Burglary resistance (EN 1627-1630)

    CR2 (subject to conditions)

  • Acoustic performance feature


    Basic soundproofing: Rw = 30dB

  • Air tightness performance feature

    Air tightness

    Level L1

  • Thermal insulation performance feature

    Thermal insulation

    T4: Av. U 1.9 W/m2K

    (with automatic door bottom seal)

Combined performance features

Heinen doors can combine bespoke performance features. Depending on your needs, one or more performance features are added to the basic, robust METAL+ door. The possibilities are endless… consult our range of additional performance features to see!

Performance features wheel
Performance features wheel
  • Burglary resistance performance feature

    Burglary resistance

    EN 1627-1630: CR2, CR3, CR4, CR5 NF P20-551 & NF P20-311 Lev.5 cat.B / Lev.5 cat.B+

  • acoustic performance feature


    EN 717-1: Rw (C; Ctr) dB (A) 36 (-1; -2) to 55 (-2; -7)

  • Bullet-proof performance feature


    EN 1522-1523: FB1 to FB7 + FSG BR1 to BR7 + SG2

  • Blast-proof performance feature


    (on request)

  • Anti-panic performance features


    EN 179 & EN 1125 (emergency exit fittings)

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Minimal total cost. Heinen is the least expensive solution in the long term

  1. Its unique Metal+ construction ensures its long service life.
  2. Maintenance is minimal, even in extreme conditions.
  3. Repairs needed due to damage or vandalism are easy and limited as the elements are screwed on to the tubular structure (hinges and cover plates).
  4. Heinen doors have a 15-year warranty!

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Reliable robustness. Heinen owes its robustness to its “Metal+” door concept,
the construction basis of each Heinen door.

  • The Metal+ concept stands out thanks to its modular design: each door has the same robust structure so that the basic performance features can be combined with a wide range of high-level performance features in a single door, whether it is fitted indoors or out!
  • Another reason for this endurance is the use of screw-on hinges. This makes it possible to adjust the door in three dimensions after it has been fitted, guaranteeing that it is perfectly adapted to its location; ensuring maximum ease of use; and avoiding the malfunctions ordinarily caused by the heavy-duty use of the door. As the exterior plates are also screwed on, there is no need to change the entire door set: only the damaged part is replaced.
  • Thanks to the unique Metal+ concept, Heinen doors are constructed on the same basis and always have the same attractive look, regardless of their performance features.
  • All Heinen doors are made to measure, up to 6m!

The great advantage of Heinen doors is that the performance features can be combined on a bespoke basis.

Frequent door problems

Installing Metal+ doors

The extreme robustness of Metal+ doors is due to the fact that they are fitted in cast concrete.

The door frame is first attached mechanically using metal brackets (fitting clamps) before being completely filled with concrete, thereby providing maximum protection against heavy-duty use, vandalism, fire and noise.

Installing a Heinen door