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Our areas of expertise

  • Energy and nuclear
    scteur energie

    The nuclear and energy sectors are critical for the entire population and require special protection. Building access doors combine access control, burglary performance and escape routes.

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  • Distribution and retail sectors

    The distribution and retail sectors require protection against intrusion but also need to allow staff and customers to evacuate at all times in the event of a fire. In addition, the size of the buildings frequently requires fire compartments.

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  • High security
    Secteur sécurité intérieur

    High security can take many forms. Police, prisons, defence, anti-terrorism centres, NATO, the Shape, ... all places that need to be secured from malicious acts.

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  • Industrial sector
    Secteur industriel

    In the industrial sector, fires are among the most destructive accidents. The consequences are often not only financial. On the one hand, it is a question of protecting the production facilities, but on the other hand, it is also a question of protecting the population and the environment.

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  • Transport and parking

    Road and rail tunnels, car parks, railway stations, have different fire protection needs. They require combined performance and durability.

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  • Others

    Museums, cultural centres, concert halls, auditoria, public buildings, they all have in common the need to protect the public in case of fire. The premises must be equipped with fire resistant, acoustic and anti-panic doors, ... 

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Each door, whether it is fitted indoors or out, has the same robust structure to which a wide range of high-level performance features can be added.

  1. Reliable robustness even in extreme conditions
  2. Combining bespoke performance features
  3. Low total cost of ownership for a long service life

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Heinen, specialist in steel doors and safety compartmentalisation

Reliable robustness

Heinen was the very first, in 1973, to design a steel door that was to offer fire resistance in addition to heavy-duty use. This first provided the basis for ongoing innovation in the field of mechanical protection. Since then, scores of other performance features have been added to the door: a burglary resistance door, a bullet-proof door, a blast-proof door, an acoustic door, an anti-panic door, etc.

The steel doors from Heinen have always remained faithful to their primary objective: to provide protection while guaranteeing stability and robustness that enable heavy-duty use of the door. The ‘Quality’ requirements imposed on the production workshops go well beyond the statutory obligations. As a result, Heinen doors ensure an optimal performance level for decades.

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