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Are you looking for professional collaboration to ensure that safety is incorporated into your projects at the preliminary design stage? As a first step, Heinen sales engineers will help you examine the question of technical feasibility.

Decision-makers and project owners? Are you looking for the best solutions within the penal, legal and regulatory framework?

Safety managers? Are you looking for peace of mind and a guaranteed lasting level of safety?

Architects and specifiers? Are you looking for professional collaboration to ensure that safety is incorporated into your projects at the earliest stage?

Building contractors? Are you looking for a recognised range of products and unwavering support up to final acceptance?

Download the Heinen door specifications in MS Word format.

SPHE 0000 | Specifications – Swing doors with mortared frame

File types : Specifications

Performances : Metal+, Service life of the door, Mechanical resistance, Frequency of use, Burglary resistance, Thermal insulation, Airtightness, Water tightness, Wind resistance

Product types : Single swing door, Double swing door, Double door with no priority direction of opening, XXL swing door, Two-way door, Surface-mounted door, Frame and glazed unit, Hatch and trapdoor

SPHE 0100 | Specifications Swingdoors with screwed frame

File types : Specifications

Product types : Single and double swing door, Single swing door, Double swing door, XXL swing door


SPHE 0300 | Specifications – Two-way doors

File types : Specifications

Product types : Two-way door

Make your tailored-made BIM objects

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What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling. It is the management of a building project by means of a 3D digital model containing a multitude of objects (such as doors, facades, pipes, etc.). Its main purpose is to exchange information between the different parties involved in the project (project designer, product manufacturer, installer). In this way, quantities and costs can be calculated, on the one hand, and conflicts avoided, on the other.

Do you want to configure your custom-made doors and combine different performances? Do you want to download BIM objects in different formats?

Heinen Doors offers its partners, customers and users of its doors a ‘Heinen Door Configurator’ with which they can download their configuration in various formats such as Revit, IFC, CAD, dxf.


Our BIM configurator provides information that you can use when searching for a Heinen door. Due to the multitude and complexity of the available configurations, Heinen Doors Belgium can only offer a portion of its range through its BIM configurator. The information on this configurator is intended for general information purposes only. No rights can be derived from the information in this configurator. Although Heinen Doors Belgium takes the necessary care in compiling and maintaining this tool, Heinen Doors Belgium cannot guarantee and accepts no liability for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information provided.

Nor can Heinen Doors Belgium guarantee that the configurator will work without errors or interruptions.


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