How to become a Heinen Partner?

Heinen Partners, quality cooperation.

Becoming a Partner is the result of a cooperation process where partner candidates demonstrate their willingness to:

  • apply the Heinen Partner Charter
  • become part of and cooperate with the Heinen Partner network
  • demonstrate their ability to fulfil end customers’ requirements and become established in the markets
  • demonstrate their management ability

We look for the following qualities in a Partner:

  • Ethical business conduct
  • Ability to develop close relations with Heinen
  • Promotion of cooperation between Partners
  • Attendance at (technical and sales) training seminars
  • Proactive management approach, seeking niche markets
  • Use of H-CONFIG software

There are two stages to becoming a partner

1. Partner candidate:

Partner candidates have to follow a period of training for one or two years. In addition, at the end of this training period, candidates have to demonstrate their abilities in terms of technical and sales expertise and ethical conduct.

2. Heinen Partner:

After a positive assessment for fitting doors on several projects, for using H-Config software on several projects, for individual sales successes by looking to specialise in particular industrial sectors and/or by targeting customers in a geographical location and for compliance with the HEINEN Charter.