Bullet-proof protection Bullet-proof protection EN 1522-1523 FB1 to FB7 + FSG BR1 to BR7 + SG2

Unfortunately, firearms are becoming more widely used as tools of aggression:

  • handguns (44 magnum, 357 magnum, colt, etc.)
  • pump-action shotguns (type of riot gun)
  • military weapons (Kalashnikovs, rifles, machine pistols, etc.)

This is why Heinen has developed a range of a reinforced doors that are resistant to burglary and/or firearms, which are used in strategic sectors such as:

  • banks
  • luxury sector
  • the armed forces and defence sector as well as sensitive sites such as:
  • SEVESO industrial sites and nuclear sites
  • airports
  • embassies
  • law courts
  • premises occupied by governments and parliaments

While retaining the METAL+ Inside concept, Heinen covers the entire bullet-proof range, from 9 mm pistols to 7.62 mm military rifles and including the AK47.

Of course, we assist our customers with the choice to be made in order to determine the adequate level of protection bearing in mind the risks incurred and the firearms available on the market.

Ballistic resistance as determined by standard EN 1522-1523 stipulates a performance obligation whereby nothing may perforate the wall.

What is meant by perforation?

This means the wall is pierced by a projectile or a part of a projectile and/or an opening is created between the side under attack and the opposite side.

The following cases are considered to be perforation:

  • A projectile or a part of a projectile passes through the test body (door, frame).
  • The rear side of the test body is splintered by the bullet or a part of it, even if it is visibly stopped at the rear side of the test body.
  • A passage is created through the test body, even if the passage subsequently closes up.

Ballistic tests have to be conducted following the procedure laid down in standard EN 1522-1523 and by approved official laboratories.
Heinen doors are tested at the Laboratory of the Department of Weapons Systems and Ballistics at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels (ERM-Belgium).

Standards table

European standards EN 1522
EN 1523
Symbols FB
Resistance classes FB1
Bullet-proof performance featureResistance classes

To see the table giving the tools and test times imposed for each class in the standard, download our documentation on the bullet-proof protection standards!

European Standards EN 1522-1523 & EN 1063

Two European standards currently serve as the ballistics reference and provide the framework for the testing and classification of resistance to attack by bullets.

These standards include:

  • construction elements subjected to tests (security glazing => EN 1063 / windows, doors, shutters and blinds => EN 1522-1523)
  • a different symbol to illustrate the classes (the letters ‘BR’ for standard EN 1063 and ‘FB’ for standard EN 1522-1523)
  • test that are carried out only at the core of the element for standard EN 1063, additional tests that also cover the seals and structures for standard EN 1522-1523.

The standard regulates a series of parameters to provide a framework for the laboratory tests in order to obtain comparable test results.


Glazing is classified in levels BR1 to BR7 and doors in FB1 to FB7. However, there are also other, so-called ‘open’ classes that include hunting rifles and specific military weapons such as the Kalashnikov (classes FSG, SG2, AK47, etc.).

To see the table giving the tools and test times imposed for each class in the standard, download our documentation on the bullet-proof protection standards!

DOHE 007 – Classification for burglary resistance & bullet-proof protection

File types : Documentation

Performances : Metal+, Burglary resistance, Bullet-proof

Product types : Single swing door, Double swing door, Surface-mounted door


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