Blast-proof Blast-proof EN 13123-1 & EN 13124-1 (on demand)

Heinen doors are regularly used by the special intervention forces as they are renowned for being difficult to penetrate!!

This expertise is shared with both the armed forces and sectors such as the gas or chemical industries.

In any case, each door follows a common path, where customers share and specify their needs to define their specifications.


Heinen has developed experience in these fields:
Blast-proof Explosion Plastic bombing

Heinen’s expertise in the field has led to the development of blast-proof doors with a resistance of up to 8 T/m² (including rebound) for the industrial sector.

Heinen’s offer is limited to static calculations. Please contact our sales department for any information or about any project. They will treat your dossier in the strictest confidence!

Standards table

European standards EN 13123-1
EN 13124-1
Symbols /
Resistance class EXR1
Blast-proof performance featureResistance class
The blast-proof performance levels proposed in the Heinen range are available upon request. Contact us for more information about our blast-proof capabilities.

European standards EN 13123-1 & EN 13124-1

Several European standards cover the resistance of building doors, windows and shutters to attacks involving explosives.

EN 13123-1 lays down the requirements and classification used in the standard (resistance levels)
EN 13124-1 contains the test methods used to measure resistance to explosives

These standards cover the resistance of hardware to the excess pressure of a blast created by a shock tube. This tube is used to simulate a powerful detonation of explosives equal to a charge of between 100 kg and 2,500 kg of trinitrotoluene (TNT) at distances ranging from 35 to 50 metres from the test element.

Multiple bespoke performance features

In addition to the basic features of the Metal+ door, you can add several performance features… which can be combined!
For example, it is possible to have a door which is fire-resistant, burglary-resistant and provides acoustic protection at the same time!

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