Our services

1. Customer support

Analysing your requirements

Helping customers to define their requirements so that they don’t order too much or too little is part of the HEINEN Customer Charter. This assistance covers both seeking the solution and defining the specifications. In fact, customers not only have to meet their own requirements, they also have to comply with the legal standards in force now and sometimes those that will apply in the near future!

Help with drawing up the specifications

Are you a little lost when faced with all the requirements your doors have to fulfil? So that quotations can be compared and analysed more efficiently, Heinen offers the possibility of using modular specifications. All the safety and security aspects to be taken into account are highlighted. Don’t hesitate to download them!

In addition, our consultant engineers will be pleased to guide you step by step so that your specifications are properly prepared. Contact them now!

H-Config: door configurator software

With this tool, customers can prepare their own bespoke specifications and visualise their door and all its features. At the same time, the tool will enable them to find the most cost-effective solutions to achieve the desired level of protection! The H-Config configurator will take into account:

  • the type of door required
  • the dimension limits
  • the required performance features and combination
  • additional options and fittings (finish, hardware, access control, etc.)

H-Config, a tool that matches your performance requirements to realistic, cost-effective and bespoke solutions.

2. Research and development

Our R&D philosophy targets three objectives in all its projects:

  • To develop efficient, optimised products for the various performance features and classes. The aim is to maintain the best possible balance between the purchase price of the door and the performance features it offers, no more, no less. This is why we carry out multiple tests until we find the most cost-effective solution for the customer
  • To always aim for the top class in each performance feature. If you can do more, you can do less. We excel in particular where others do not dare to go: very high-quality performance features combined in the same door. To achieve this, the company not only has an experienced workforce in house, but also a network of experts in the world of academia and industry with a view to innovating and finding the solution most suited to the future requirements of the market.
  • We develop products thinking directly about the manufacturing process and cost efficiency. We also supply our products in very large sizes and multiple versions so as to enable a wide range of accessories and finishes.

the harmonisation of national en European standards

Since the harmonisation of national standards and the introduction of European standards, here are a few revealing figures

  • no fewer than 30 official fire-resistance tests (EN 1634-1) … and over 70 internal tests on our furnace acquired in 2009
  • about twenty official anti-burglary tests (EN 1627-1630), from CR2 to CR5 (single doors, double doors, solid, glazed, ventilated, anti-panic, with different accessories, etc.)
  • over 50 acoustic insulation tests (EN ISO 717-1)
  • over 30 certificates in the various standards
  • over 10 patents to protect our innovations
  • Three engineers dedicated to R&D full time in order to take our developments ever further…

3. The partner network

Heinen’s strength is that the company can also rely on a strong network of quality partners. Heinen advises you on the choice of specialised fitters because installation is a skill in itself! Working daily in relation with and proximity to its partners, Heinen supports you throughout the project, until final completion. Our partners represent the local presence of the Heinen vision and quality. Their favourite activity, apart from customer support?

Compliant installation

Heinen products are installed by our fitters selected for their professional attitude, their specialist knowledge of applications in the industrial sectors and the quality of their relationship with the customer.
They undertake to abide by Heinen’s Customer Charter and to undergo regular training so that they are always in the forefront in terms of technical knowledge. If customers wish to fit their doors themselves and take care of the maintenance, Heinen also offers a training service for the purpose.


You can keep the Heinen service for your doors throughout their entire service life! Not only do the doors require almost no maintenance but you can also take out fixed-price maintenance contracts, reflecting the fact that Heinen offers the lowest overall cost on the market.