Heinen, specialist in doors and safety compartmentalisation

Reliable robustness

Heinen was the very first, in 1973, to design a steel door that was to offer fire resistance in addition to heavy-duty use. This first provided the basis for ongoing innovation in the field of mechanical protection. Since then, scores of other performance features have been added to the door: a burglary resistance door, a bullet-proof door, a blast-proof door, an acoustic door, an anti-panic door, etc.

Heinen doors have always remained faithful to their primary objective: to provide protection while guaranteeing stability and robustness that enable heavy-duty use of the door. The ‘Quality’ requirements imposed on the production workshops go well beyond the statutory obligations. As a result, Heinen doors ensure an optimal performance level for decades.


I’ve got an interesting anecdote about this, says the company manager . Only a month ago, we noticed that Heinen doors fitted in penitentiaries over twenty years ago are so resistant and effective, and the customer is so satisfied with their daily use that they have been dismantled by the Belgian state to be re-fitted on other sites and reused. When customers themselves give your products a second life, then you’ve definitely succeeded! ”


Heinen, the safety door expert


Quality modular doors

These doors with an extremely long service life are given a 15-year warranty by the Belgian firm. “What’s more, we could have gone even further. We have a major advantage compared with the competition. Because our doors are assembled entirely with screws and not welded. This creates an attractive look as well as adding value in terms of maintenance and adjustments. ”

In fact, thanks to screwed-on hinges, the door can be adjusted in three dimensions after fitting. These features guarantee that the door can be perfectly adjusted to its location, avoiding the malfunctions ordinarily caused by the heavy-duty use of the door. If the door is damaged, because the external plates are screwed on as well, there is no need to replace the entire door set. The damaged part only can be changed. “Competition in the safety door sector is fierce, which is why you have to dare to come up with a solution that stands out. At Heinen, we count on quality. Our aim is to not to record the biggest sales volumes, but to develop lasting relations, receive positive feedback and provide total customer satisfaction.


Customer support, the Heinen credo

Heinen doors are renowned for their robustness and long service life, partly because from the outset they are designed to meet the customer’s real needs. Heinen has developed a software program to determine these needs as accurately as possible based on parameters defined with the customer: What performance level is required? What are the best dimensions? How many times will the door be opened/closed? Precise specifications are drawn up and the door is made to measure to meet the customer’s requirements perfectly. “Once the requirements have been analysed, sometimes we have had to advise the customer to opt for less high-performance products from other manufacturers.