Water tightness Water tightness EN 1027 & EN 12208 E0 to E9 + E750

Doors subject to bad weather may be certified by European standards (EN 1027 and EN 12208). This performance feature guarantees the water tightness of external doors. To do this, the doors will be subjected to driving rain combined with increasing pressure to simulate very heavy downpours.

This performance feature is often associated with air tightness and wind resistance. Indeed, these are commonly known collectively as AWW performance features (air-water-wind).

Thanks to their robust Metal+ structure, Heinen doors do not suffer the leaf distortion that ordinarily occurs over time and heightens the risk of leaks.
Heinen has also paid particular attention to the weak points usually encountered on these external doors:

  • at the top of the leaf
  • at the bottom of the leaf
  • at the point where the leaves meet (double doors)

Standards table

European standards EN 12208
EN 1027
Symbols E
Resistance classes Method A1
1 A
2 A
3 A
4 A
5 A
6 A
7 A
8 A
9 A
Method B2
1 B
2 B
3 B
4 B
5 B
6 B
7 B
Water tightness performance featureResistance classes
Single doors: > 9A (E750)
Double doors: 6 A

1 Method A: products fully exposed
2 Method B: products partly exposed

European standards EN 1027 and EN 12208

Tests carried out on single and double doors at the CSTC (accredited laboratory), in accordance with current European standards:

  • EN 1027: Windows and doors – Water tightness – Test method
  • EN 12208: Windows and doors – Water tightness – Classification

The standards provide for different classes using two spraying methods, A or B, class A being the most restrictive and the most common (A = incline of 24° / B = incline of 84°).

FTHE 0060 – Metal+ – AWW – Value

File types : Product sheets

Performances : Air-water-wind, Airtightness, Water tightness, Wind resistance

Product types : Single swing door, Double swing door

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