Our history

Heinen, a family success story

Our history, our innovations

  • 1947: The company was founded by Rodolphe Heinen as a decorative ironwork manufacturer
  • 1967: Following the fire at the Innovation department store, Belgium adopted very stringent fire protection regulations
  • 1973: The world’s first fully insulated fire-resistant metal door was developed according to these new standards by Hans-Dieter Heinen, a physicist at the University of Liège in Belgium
  • 1976: PARAFLAM, fire-resistant draught-proofing system
  • 1982: Development of vandal-proof doors
  • 1985: Development of an intumescent product for fire-resistant doors
  • 1989: Grand Prix de l’Innovation Technologique (prize for technological innovation) of the Walloon Region
  • 1996: Development of acoustic doors
  • 1996: Five types of protection combined in a single door
  • 1996: 15-year warranty
  • 1997: HEINEN is fully ISO 9001certified
  • 1997: Benor aTg label for the entire range of Heinen doors
  • 1998: Welding-based assembly system
  • 1999: Blast-proof doors
  • 2004: H-Config, needs analysis software
  • 2005: Robot automation of the production system
  • 2010-2012: Fire-resistance testing campaign developed, based on standard EN 1634-1 for 30 and 60 minutes (EI1 and EI2)
  • 2013: Heinen becomes part of the EuroDV SA group
  • 2013-2014: New development of burglary-resistant doors in line with standards EN 1627 to 1630 (classes 3, 4 and 5)
  • 2014: Smoke-tightness tests according to EN 1634-3 (Sa, Sm)
  • 2014-2015: New range of long-life fire-resistant doors according to standard EN 1634-1: EI1 120, EI2 120, EI2 180, EW 180.


Our feedback

  • 1990: Heinen doors withstood molten iron at a temperature of 1200°C (Cockerill)
  • 1991: Fire in a retirement home: the fire was contained and all the residents were evacuated without any injuries
  • 2007: NMC Raeren: the site was completely destroyed by fire, apart from the storage areas protected by Heinen doors
  • 2007: Heinen doors withstood a ram-raider attacking a large chain store
  • Many other examples on request.

Our references

  • Heinen operates in over 25 countries
  • Operates in every sector: industrial, commercial, administrative, public, infrastructure, military and residential
  • Involved with every kind of compartmentalisation application, especially where safety is a strategic aspect!
  • Most high-performance companies (from SMEs to multinationals) are Heinen customers