Service life of the door Service life of the door 10 or 15 year warranty on the door set depending on the installation method

Long Life+ protection is the main direct advantage of the Metal+ structure of Heinen doors. First and foremost, this is a 10 or 15-year warranty (depending from the installation method) which ensures the long service life of the door. In fact, Heinen guarantees that the door will retain its compartmentalisation function and continue to operate as a door even with heavy-duty traffic. This proposal is unique on the market!

In addition, Long Life+ protection means that the doors require minimal maintenance because of the extreme robustness of their Metal+ structure. Curative maintenance will be carried out if there is an accident, the door is damaged or the building shifts. In these cases, any repairs and replacements will be made easier thanks to the screw-on, adjustable and replaceable hinges and cover plates on the door.

For example:

  • replacement of cover plates if handling equipment has collided with the door
  • replacement of a hinge after an attempted burglary

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