In theory, there is a difference between prisons for pre-trial detention and prisons for sentencing. In practice, due to overcrowding, most prisons house both convicted and remand prisoners.

Closed prisons have full surveillance and security facilities, such as a perimeter wall, bars, security detection, etc. In these prisons, prisoners spend most of their time in cells.

The Challenge

The combination of European fire standards and burglary performance as defined by the Belgian Justice are the main characteristics of a prison door. The AE 20 prison standard combines more stringent burglary tests than the European standard EN1627-1630 with the fire performance according to EN 1634-1. In addition to performance, the challenge of such a door is its durability in the face of heavy prisoner use.

Key figures

More than 1000 doors

The Heinen solution

Heinen has developed specific doors that meet the requirements of Belgian prisons, such as the P1 cell door (according to the “Justice” tests) fitted with the Justice lock and a hatch for handcuff and a peephole, with :

  • Resistance to a static pressure of 3.5T while remaining functional
  • Combined fire resistance up to EI1-30 according to EN1634-1
  • 1000 000 opening/closing cycles
  • 15 year warranty without maintenance contract

Years of collaboration

More than 30 years of experience