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Heinen doors for the Belgian Embassy in Kinshasa, Congo

Numerous embassies throughout the world have in the past opted for Heinen doors to reinforce their security.

Heinen has been selected once again to supply doors offering resistance to fire and forced entry, aimed at reinforcing the security of the Belgian embassy in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

This new chancellery, one of Belgium’s largest foreign posts, houses not only the Belgian embassy but also that of the Netherlands and, indirectly, Luxembourg, on the Boulevard du 30 Juin, Kinshasa’s main road.

Belgian Embassy in Kinshasa, Congoth=

Over 100 Heinen doors at Dok Noord in Ghent

Dok Noord in Ghent is the reconversion of the old ACEC factories in Ghent, developed by the firm Bureau Bontinck.

Dok Noord is also the start of the 'Old Docks' project: an area of over 60 hectares stretching from Dampoort to Muide.

Heinen has supplied over 100 door leaves (fire resistance / burglary resistance / acoustic insulation 43dB in accordance with the anti-panic standard EN1125) among others for the concert hall, the car park and several stores in the shopping centre, installed by our partner ICOMET.

New Decathlon store in Evere

In spring 2015, one of the world's biggest stores, Decathlon, opened in Evere, in an area of over 10,000 m2, at a budget of EUR 18,000,000. Sixty-five sports are represented there.

Building site details:

New Fire resistance 120 and 180 min. doors / Anti-panic + CR3

Once again this year, Heinen’s R&D department has been keeping very busy.

After expanding our range of CR4 and CR5 burglar-proof doors (EN1627-1630) last year, we can now present our new fire resistance 120 and 180 min. doors.

Here again, we are using our high-quality basic Metal+ door as the foundation. Thanks to its 'Metal+' concept, Heinen guarantees the quality of ALL the doors: with its mechanical resistance and maximum frequency of use, the Metal+ concept guarantees that the door will continue to operate properly, even in a 'hostile' situation with very frequent use.

Secondly, by adding specific performance features, this Metal+ door can also provide fire resistance, burglary resistance, acoustic insulation, etc., with glazing, possible access control, etc.


Fire resistance EN1634-1 combined with burglary resistance CR2 and CR3 (EN1627-30 )

EI1 doors, 120 min., single and double.
This single door with 120 minutes' fire resistance is also available with CR3 burglar resistance.

EI2 EW doors, 180 min., single and double.
This single door with 180 minutes' fire resistance is also available with CR3 burglar resistance.


Anti-panic EN1125 combined with burglar resistance CR2 and CR3 (EN1627-1630)

Level CR2 and CR3 emergency exit doors, single and double, compliant with EN1125

EN1627-30 CR4 fixed burglar-resistant frames
EN1027 and EN12208 water tightness for external doors with hinges on the outside
EN12211 and EN12210 VC4 wind resistance for external doors 
EN1026 and 12207 air tightness for internal and external doors

The safety door boom at Heinen

2015 really was a record year for safety doors at Heinen.

This is why Televesdre, the regional television company near Malmedy where Heinen is located, went along to the plant to find out about the reasons for its success.

Patrick Cormann, the company's Consultant Engineer, explained the reasons for this success and outlined the prospects for the future.


Malmedy: Heinen safety doors in ever greater demand

The attacks and the current climate of fear that we are experiencing in Belgium are not without consequences for some companies. One of them is Heinen, in Malmedy, which specialises in the manufacture of safety doors. Requests and searches for information have increased fivefold and are coming mainly from private individuals! 


Watch the video on Televesdre by clicking here.

Our range of attack-proof doors is expanding

HEINEN has enhanced the performance of its range of attack-proof doors to class 5 (CR5) according to EN 1627 (for single door leaves, up to 1300 mm wide and 3000 mm high). The exceptional robustness of the leaf enables it to withstand the tests (see table) with a single-point closing mechanism. Not only are standard requirements met, but the durable, smooth operation of the door set is guaranteed, thereby providing proper security.

Options: automatic locking mechanism, access control, 3-point closing mechanism, peep-hole, etc.


Optional additional performance features: fire resistance EI1 30 or EI1 60, soundproofing, bullet-proof resistance, blast-proof resistance

Rf60 fire-resistant doors in stainless steel 316

Installation of Rf60 fire resistant doors in the kitchens of a banking institution: surface-mounted frame with round peep-hole, installed by KBS SYSTEMS (Wilrijk).

Rf30 fire-resistant doors in a light wall

Rf30 fire-resistant doors installed in a light wall construction (Gyproc, internal wooden structure).