Potato Industry

Since 2011, Belgium has been the world’s largest exporter of pre-cooked frozen potato products, with a large proportion imported from neighbouring countries.

Belgian fries, croquettes, rösti, mashed potatoes…. are enjoyed by consumers all over the world. In 2019 (before the pandemic), 5.3 million tonnes of potatoes were processed in Belgium, of which no less than 3 million were destined for export.

They trust us

The challenge

If a deep fryer in a private kitchen is already a potential fire hazard that cannot be extinguished with water, what about in a huge factory? Reliable active and passive fire protection is literally a matter of life and death. Firedoors play a major role in determining the effectiveness of a firewall: they are used intensively, often in a humid environment, and are sometimes subjected to violent impacts. All this can lead to the door not closing, or not closing properly.

In the food sector, moreover, in addition to fire protection, hygiene is a major point of attention.

The Heinen solution

The special feature of Heinen’s Metal+ Concept is that each door has the same robust structure that allows the combination of basic performance and a multitude of high-level performance while maintaining the same aesthetic appearance. Quality remains the primary requirement for a security door that must continue to fulfil its function as a door under difficult conditions.

To counteract premature ageing of the intumescent product in a firedoor caused by humidity, Heinen has placed it in the leaf and not on the edges.

As for hygiene, Heinen meets this requirement by providing fire doors without a lock. (up to 60 min.)