Police K9 – Training centre

The Brussels-Capital Ixelles police zone, the largest police zone in Belgium, has built its own training center. These new facilities are designed to meet the practical and theoretical training needs of personnel.

The new center in K9 4 Polbru houses a kennel for 50 dogs with all equipment and facilities for training, maintenance and exercise of the canine brigade. Several shooting ranges have also been built to allow police officers of the Brussels-Capital Ixelles police zone to acquire the necessary shooting hours and expertise.

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The challenge

In Belgium, since the ministerial circular GPI 91 concerning the minimum security standards for police buildings, whether it is a training centre or offices, police buildings must be secured in accordance with very strict specifications. Both exterior and interior doors must meet security, fire, burglary, bullet and even acoustic standards. Durability, mechanical resistance, cumulative performance and door size are some of the challenges that had to be answered in this project.


The Heinen solution

All Heinen doors are built on the Metal + INSIDE  concept which gives them durability and mechanical strength in addition to the chosen performance. The internal tubular structure of the Heinen door gives rigidity to the door leaf which allows for a range of large doors with varied and cumulative performance. Through its network of partners, Heinen can offer its customers more than just its own range of doors. In this case, the installation Partner Icomet Group has integrated Heinen doors into a more global proposal of diverse building closure solutions.

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