Nuclear sector

The term “nuclear sector” covers uranium mining, fuel production, electricity generation, civil and military research, radioactive waste management, nuclear medicine and military weapons production.

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The Challenge

Security in the nuclear sector refers to the protection of nuclear materials and buildings against malicious acts, to ensure that there are no undesirable consequences for the population and the environment. Access control, security against intrusion, fire risk control, protection against (eco-)terrorist acts are all challenges that the sector has to face.
In addition, the nuclear sector requires site-specific certification and training for the personnel involved. The post-Fukushima constraints have led to a tightening of requirements.

The Heinen Solution

Heinen offers swing doors with a mechanical resistance beyond the standards (up to M+7) and a frequency of use up to 1,000,000 opening/closing cycles with cumulative performance in burglary, firewall (EI1&EI2), bulletproof and many others …
In addition, the hinges and the metalsheets of the door leaf are screwed together which makes it easy to recondition the door in case of damage.”