Audi Brussels

Audi Brussels (known as Volkswagen Vorst before 2007) is an Audi factory (488,000 m²) in Vorst, Belgium. Since 2018, Audi Brussels has been producing the all-electric Audi models: the Audi e-tron. The battery technology and the drive system were developed internally.

The factory aims to be as CO2-neutral as possible while reducing its environmental impact. To achieve this, Audi installed 37,000 m² of solar panels, heat pumps, a low-temperature electricity circuit, wastewater treatment and an energy recovery system to heat the buildings.

The challenge

The site underwent extensive reconstruction to accommodate the electric SUV. An essential change was the construction of a new building for the production of battery casings, where the safety level is very high to avoid any fire risk. The fire compartments received special attention due to the increased potential risk.

Key figures

More than 1000 doors.

The Heinen solution

Heinen is the specialist in steel fire doors. Thanks to its internal tube structure, the Heinen door offers unrivalled durability and mechanical resistance that exceeds standards. As a fire specialist Heinen offers fire doors up to 240 minutes in accordance with European standards (EN1634-1).

Year of cooperation

For more than 25 years.