A police station is the central assembly point for police oicers, where they carry out their oice work and prepare for field work. It is also the place where interrogations of criminal suspects usually take place.

For short stays, there are holding cells in the building, not to be confused with prison cells.

The challenge

Existing police buildings are to be renovated and future buildings are adapted with strict security constraints.  Apart from the need for fire compartments, the aim is to secure entrances, armouries and exhibits in police offices in order to ensure the safety of officials and the public.

Key figures

More than 120 references in Belgium, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and in France


The Heinen solution

Coexistence of three performances: firewall, burglary and bullet-proof, which can be combined in a single solution. The custom-built, mortar-sealed swing doors provide a level of security even for historic buildings. In addition, Heinen has developed fire and burglar resistant doors for police cells. They are equipped with a handcuff hatch and sight glass.

Year of cooperation

Since the 2000s