Water distribution

WML was founded on 1 July 1973 by a merger of the provincial water supply companies for South Limburg (1925) and North and Central Limburg (1940).

NV Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg (WML) is the drinking water producer and supplier for all, over 500,000 households in Dutch Limburg. WML also supplies mains water to just over 15,000 companies.For the transport of drinking water through Limburg, WML operates an underground pipeline network of about 8,800 kilometres long.

The challenge

Drinking water is a basic necessity for every human being and animal. Protecting and securing the tap water infrastructure can therefore hardly be underestimated. Allowing strictly authorised persons access to this infrastructure and at the
same time prohibiting access to unauthorised persons; in short, access control is a technically complex process that must be 100% efficient and reliable.

Key figures

Over 70 doors

The Heinen solution

The doors meet the high safety requirements required in such critical infrastructures, both in terms of fire and soundproofing, while at the same time guaranteeing minimum maintenance and a long service life.

Year of cooperation

2018 – 2021