Tunnel Paris

The A86 is a motorway that forms a complete loop around Paris, at a distance varying between 2 and 7 km from the Paris ring road.
Its main function is to link the prefectures and sub-prefectures of the inner suburbs of Paris. It is one of the busiest roads in the Paris region during rush hour.

The challenge

The modernisation work on the Fresnes and Antony tunnels (A86) included the creation of airlocks for the emergency exits, pressurisation of the existing exits, complete renovation of the electrical distribution installations and fire protection of the structure.

The fire doors had to comply with the increased hydrocarbon curve, HCM 120/CN240 N3, as well as with the emergency exit requirements of DiRIF (the Île-de-France road authority).

The Heinen solution

Heinen in collaboration with EI-TEM and Icomet France supplied and installed custom-made HCM N3 stainless steel fire doors with emergency exit mechanism in compliance with the EN 1125 emergency exit standard, while remaining in conformity with the specific requirements of the Paris fire brigade. In addition, all the technical rooms were equipped with 304 stainless steel fire doors (according to the standard curve).
In order not to disrupt users, the work was carried out at night.”

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