The brewing industry

Belgian beers are among the most varied and numerous beer collections in the world. They range from the very popular pils” to the exclusively Belgian names of lambic (spontaneous fermentation), old brown beer, red beer or brut beer, not forgetting the famous Trappist beers and other abbey or seasonal beers.

Since 2016, Belgian beer has been included in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage under the title : Beer Culture in Belgium. As of January 2023, there are twelve brands of Trappist beers in the world. Five are Belgian: West-Vleteren, Westmalle, Rochefort, Orval and Chimay.”

They trust us:

The challenge:

Breweries generally have a high fire load, which means that they contain a lot of combustible materials such as grain, hops and alcohol. Therefore, the design of the building compartmentalisation must take into account the potential for rapid fire growth and ensure that the fire protection systems can effectively control a fire.

When selecting a steel door for use in the food industry, there are several specifications to consider. The door should be designed to minimise the accumulation of dust and bacteria, with smooth surfaces. The door must be easy to clean and disinfect. The door must also be able to withstand heavy use and be able to withstand impact.

The Heinen solution:

All Heinen doors are built on the basis of a robust tubular structure, which gives them a frequency of use of 1000,000 opening and closing cycles.
The hinges and door leaf plates are screwed and non-welded, making it easy to replace parts in case of damage. All doors have the same smooth aesthetic appearance, regardless of their performance, making them easy to clean. They can be supplied in galvanised or stainless steel.