LANTIS is building brand new parking buildings (Park & Ride) as part of the huge Oosterweel link project, i.e. the closure of the Antwerp city ring road in Belgium. This will give road users more opportunities to switch to a sustainable means of transport such as bicycle, tram or bus for the last part of their journey to the city.

Lantis is the Dutch acronym for “Livable Antwerp through innovation and collaboration”. Lantis is the new name of the former Beheersmaatschappij Antwerpen Mobiel nv.

The challenge

The three Antwerp car parks have a total of more than 3,800 parking spaces and are extremely busy places where the doors have to put up with a lot. The external fire doors had to be CE marked and had to have a burglar resistance level. In addition, some of the doors had to be equipped with access control to prevent unwanted intrusion and with anti-panic functions in case of fire.

Key figures

More than 200 doors.

The Heinen solution

All external fire resistant pedestrian doors are CE marked. Heinen oers a minimum total cost of ownership thanks to unrivalled durability, minimum maintenance and a 15-year guarantee on the mortar-coated door units.

Year of cooperation

2020 – 2021