Data center

As of January 2022, around 2,751 data centers were in the United States, with a further 484 data centers located in Germany. The United Kingdom ranked third among countries in terms of the number of data centers with 458, while China recorded 447.

The data center industry in Belgium is growing and thriving, with excellent connectivity, supportive government policies, and a stable political and business climate. These factors make it an attractive location for companies that require reliable, secure, and energy-efficient data center services.

The challenge

Fire compartmentation in a data centre refers to the practice of segmenting different parts of the infrastructure, such as storage, network and computing resources, into isolated compartments. The objective is to minimise the impact of any security breach or other disruption. A fire can damage or destroy servers and other critical hardware components, resulting in data loss and downtime. This can be particularly challenging for businesses that depend on their IT infrastructure to deliver essential services or conduct critical operations.

The Heinen solution

Heinen Doors has a wide range of steel fire, burglar, acoustic and bullet proof doors that can combine one or more performances features. They are all based on the Metal+ concept, i.e. an internal tubular structure, screwed metal sheets and screwed hinges. They are available in both sealed with mortar or screwed versions.

  • Fire rated from 30 minutes to 240 minutes;
  • Burglar proof from RC2 to RC5,
  • Bullet proof from FB4 to FB7
  • or acoustic up to 55db.