Counsil of the European Union

The Council of the European Union and the European Council are the only EU institutions that are explicitly intergovernmental, that is, forums whose attendees express and represent the position of their member state’s executive, be they ambassadors, ministers or heads of state/government.

The Council meets in 10 different configurations of 27 national ministers (one per state). The precise membership of these configurations varies according to the topic under consideration.

The challenge

The high level of requirements concerned not only the security aspect but also the aesthetic aspect. For example, the doors are equipped with integrated door closers (invisible but compliant) to prevent break-ins, the screws on all the latch roses are invisible, and the concrete casting of the door frame was carried out with great care and is almost invisible.

Key figures

More than 300 doors

The Heinen solution

In this prestigious project, many of the doors offer the combination of fire protection and high-level burglary protection according to EN1627-30. A fifth of these doors are also equipped with access control, with a solenoid lock built into the door leaf. The project also includes a number of acoustic doors, as well as anti-intrusion glazing units.

Year of cooperation

2013 – 2016