World Environment Day : 5th of June

The aim of World Environment Day is to raise awareness around the world of the need to protect the environment and to promote positive action to preserve it. It is celebrated every year on 5 June and is an opportunity to highlight global environmental issues and mobilise individuals, governments, organisations and businesses to take action in favour of sustainable development.


Heinen Doors is committed to the theme of World Environment Day in a number of ways, including through certification in sustainable entrepreneurship.  Here are some of the ways in which we are promoting environmental sustainability:

  1. Raising staff awareness: on our annual Green Day, we aim to raise awareness of environmental issues through inspirational visits. The aim is to inform employees of the importance of adopting environmentally-friendly behaviour.
  2. Reducing energy and water consumption: we have carried out an audit of our consumption and put it into perspective with the production workload. The aim is to identify ways of saving energy and water. In addition, we encourage our employees to adopt energy-saving practices, such as switching off lights when leaving a room.
  3. Managing waste responsibly: we have placed appropriate recycling bins in offices and raised awareness among employees about good waste sorting practices.
  4. Encouraging sustainable mobility: we encourage our employees to use sustainable modes of transport, such as car-sharing, cycling or walking. In addition, we have introduced a hybrid or electric car policy to limit the use of fossil fuels as much as possible.
  5. Supporting and encouraging local consumption: we have adapted our purchasing policy to encourage local consumption wherever possible.
  6. Communicating and raising awareness: we encourage our customers, suppliers and partners to adopt sustainable practices at our annual events with our partners, as well as through communication channels such as our website, our Facebook page and our LinkedIn page.

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