Heinen doors guarantee unrivalled durability in the new Antwerp car parks on the Oosterweel link.

Park & Ride Luchtbal (1700 parking spaces), Park & Ride Merksem (685 parking spaces), Park & Ride Linkeroever (1500 parking spaces) are car parks that have opted for fire and burglar-resistant doors from Heinen. (Luchtbal 120 doors, Merksem 25 doors, Linker Oever : 60 doors). The main reasons for this choice are the durability of the doors, a minimum of maintenance, a 15-year guarantee on the door unit, in other words a minimum overall cost.

Today, a large part of the population lives in urban areas. And the urban population is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. The conurbations will have to manage this increase in population and mobility and convince them to abandon the “car only” approach, which leads to traffic jams. One solution is to build car parks at the entrance to the city. The aim is to reduce the number of cars in the city centre and encourage motorists to take public transport. This obligation to park outside the city is even more evident in cities such as Milan, Stockholm, Dublin or London, which have introduced congestion charging.

LANTIS* is building brand new car parks (Park & Ride) as part of the huge Oosterweel link project, the closure of the Antwerp city ring road. This will give road users more opportunities to switch to a sustainable means of transport such as bicycle, tram, bus for the last part of their journey to the city of Antwerp.

Lantis stands for Liveable Antwerp through Innovation and Collaboration. Lantis is the new name for the former Beheersmaatschappij Antwerpen Mobiel nv.

More information on https://lantis.be/home/parkandride/



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