Electric door strike for secure access

Heinen has recently validated a new type of door strike: an electric model. Valid for various types of doors , Metal+ doors, burglary resitant doors and even fire-resistant doors (with ISIB technical approval). This model is extremely resistant and has been tested to withstand at least 250,000 opening cycles.

• It is therefore particularly suited to a wide range of uses:
• Appartement building entrances
• Office entrances
• Compartmentalisation of zones in a factory or laboratories
• Specific entrances in railway stations
• Specific entrances in commercial premises
• Etc.

In short, this type of door strike is perfect wherever access control is necessary. However, there is no obligation to combine it with high-security locks for burglary resistant doors as proposed by Heinen

The door strike enables several unlocking options on the access side from an electric control unit: By electronic badge, By magnetic card, By code keypad

The exit side is always free. As an option, however, it is possible to include a mechanical locking system with a deadbolt to shut off the access if the zone is not used.
As regards the grip options, the pull side can be fitted with a doorknob or a pull handle while the free side can be fitted with a handle or an anti-panic bar.
The exit side is either free (pull handle or a doorknob on the aggression side / handle or panic bar on the secure side) or controlled (pull handle or a doorknob on the aggression side and the secure side). As an option, however, a mechanical lock with a deadbolt can be fitted to block access when the room is not in use.

This electric door strike is available in two models:
– Fail safe: Electric strike unlocked without power
– Fail secure : Electric strike locked without power


The advantages of an electric door strike

An electric door strike built into the door set such as that devised by Heinen avoids the need to invest in a costly motorised or solenoid lock. As part of the original design, this also makes it possible to avoid the need to integrate a cable duct in order to supply power to the electric lock (only for single doors). It therefore offers a real advantage in terms of both price and installation!

If this option is an important part of your project, do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to meet one of our sales staff. You can also consult the pages on our various applications and performances to find out more about the possibilities we offer.

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