Two-way door

The two-way door, available in single and double versions, can be opened in both directions. These doors are fixed on pivot hinges which open the leaves to 90° on either side of the opening. The leaves have rounded joints enabling total opening to 180°.

Two-way doors can be locked if they are fitted with a deadlock at the top and/or bottom of the leaf.


When will a two-way door be used?

Most frequently used in kitchens, these doors are fire resistant and usually glazed to avoid two people on either side of the door pushing or pulling in opposite directions.

They can also be used in warehouses, storage areas in department stores, where they have the advantage that they can be opened simply by pushing, with a trolley, for instance in both directions. This type of door is also frequently used in corridors where a two-way exit is necessary in the event of a fire (hospitals, schools, car parks, etc.).


Finishes and fittings

Basic fittings

  1. Door frame and leaf finish

    Magnelis® Hot-dip galvanised ZM 250 steel (250g/m², 20µm thick).

  2. Pivot hinges

    Two stainless steel pivot hinges (one pivot hinge in the floor and one in the frame). The pivot hinges serve as door closers.

  3. Handles

    No handle

  4. Lock and cylinder

    No lock

  5. Double door

    One double swing door has two operating leaves; there is no priority leaf

  6. Dimensions

    Always purpose-made

Note: for reasons of safety, we recommend a little peep-hole (glazing)

Optional fittings

  1. Door leaf finish

    Stainless steel 304, 316 / skinplate or RAL color *

  2. Door frame finish

    Stainless steel 304, 316 / skinplate or RAL color *

  3. Handles

    Pull handles, doorknobs, etc. in aluminium or stainless steel

  4. Impact plates

    One set of two impact plates in stainless steel

  5. Glazing and ventilation

    Peep-holes (glazing) (standard size / purpose-made), extensively glazed doors, many types of glazing, ventilation grilles, etc.

  6. Locks and closing systems

    Magnetic retainer / No lock (closes thanks to pivot hinges only) / High and/or low locks (closes with deadbolt only)

For other fittings, consult us!

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