Single Swing door

Heinen swing doors are constructed on the basis of the METAL+ concept so that they always look the same regardless of the ‘safety/security’ performance features available. All the doors are made to measure as regards:

  • the many performance features available
  • the finishes
  • the fittings and accessories
  • and the dimensions.

Which dimensions are best for swing doors?

At Heinen, we have decided to standardise the dimensions of the most popular doors in order to offer solutions that make economic sense. The ‘Type 1’ dimensions is our most competitive range. The price of the door will remain the same for all sizes in the ‘Type 1’ category.

Maximum dimension of the doorleaf  Type I: 960 x 2150 mm

Which high-level performance features are available for swing doors?

In terms of the performance levels available, single hung doors can go as far as:

  • HCM 120 doors EI2 240 (fits for tunneldoors)
  • 180 min. for fire resistance (EN 1634-1 EI2)
  • RC5 for burglary resistance (EN 1627-1630)
  • 55 dB for soundproofing (EN ISO 717-1)
  • FB7 en bulletproof (EN 1522-1523)
  • etc…


Contact us for more information about combining performance features and the high-level protection offered on our swing doors.

Finishes and fittings

Basic fittings

  1. Door frame and leaf finish

    Magnelis® Hot-dip galvanised ZM 250 steel (250g/m², 20µm thick).

  2. Hinges

    Two screw-on steel hinges, adjustable and replaceable

  3. Handles

    A set of two U-shaped aluminium handles

  4. Lock and cylinder

    Standard 1-point lock with standard cylinder

  5. Cylinder backplate

    In PVC, decorative (the cylinder is flush with the door leaf)

  6. Dimensions

    Always custom-made


Optional fittings

    1. Door leaf finish

      Stainless steel 304, 316 / skinplate or RAL color *

    2. Door frame finish

      Stainless steel 304, 316 /skinplate or RAL color *

    3. Hinges

      One or more hinges can be added; these are always adjustable and replaceable

    4. Handles

      Handles, doorknobs, pull handles, etc. in aluminium or stainless steel

    5. Locks and closing systems

      No lock (door closers only) / manual, automatic, anti-panic, 1-point, 3-points or other locks on request / holding magnet

    6. Door closers

      With scissor arm or sliding arm, fitted on the hinge or non-hinge side, invisibly integrated door closer, closure selectors, open position maintained, etc.

    7. Ventilation

      Compliant ventilation grilles

    8. Various options

      Door leaf position indicator, non-removable security studs, soundproof doorsills, door stops, storm chains, impact plates and many other fittings.

    9. Glazing

      Standard or made to measure glazing for a largely glazed door (see glazing types available)

* RAL colors via our Partners

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