Heinen acoustic doorstested to EN ISO 717-1

Heinen doors are the preferred option for acoustics specialists owing to their impressive acoustic test results (up to -55 dB!).

Confidentiality, respect for privacy and working conditions are all elements which now require an environment where sound pollution must be limited. The aim is to improve the corporate image, reduce the incidence of work-related illness and make the workplace more attractive.
This is why Heinen has deployed its skills for the benefit of its customers such as leisure centres, telecommunications companies, theatres, industrial companies, test centres, etc. Our customers want real soundproof doors that are easy to use and look good at the same time.

This is what Heinen had in mind when it developed its famous soundproof doors: 7cm thick, ultra-thin or collapsible doorsills to enable heavy traffic to pass through easily and comfortably.

In addition, Heinen took care to ensure that the acoustic properties of its doors can be combined with other performance features (fire resistance, burglary resistance, etc.).

Porte acoustique d'une salle de spectacle

The performance features of the Heinen soundproof door

Classes Heinen

Types de portes

EN 717

Rw(C ;Ctr) dB(A) (*)


Simple ouvrant

36(-1 ;-2)


Simple ouvrant

39(-1 ;-4)


Simple ouvrant



Simple ouvrant

46(-2 ;-7)


Simple ouvrant

52(-2 ;-7)


Simple ouvrant

55(-2 ;-7)


Double ouvrant



Double ouvrant



Double ouvrant



Double ouvrant


acoustic dorpels
Normes européennes EN ISO 717-1
EN ISO 140-1
Symboles A
Classe de résistance Selon valeurs déclarées : Rw (C ; Ctr) (dB)
Performance acoustiqueClasse de résistance
Portes simples : Rw 36 à 55 (vitrage OK)
Portes doubles : Rw 39 à 53

The possible optional combinations on the soundproof doors

Heinen doors can combine performance features on a bespoke basis. Depending on your needs, one or more performance features are added to the basic, robust METAL+ door.

Basic performances of the soundproof door

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Specifications and BIM

FTHE 0050 – Metal+ Rw – Swing door

File types : Product sheets

Performances : Service life of the door, Mechanical resistance, Frequency of use, Burglary resistance, Acoustic, Thermal insulation, Airtightness

Product types : Single swing door, Double swing door, XXL swing door

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