Heinen panic doorscompliant with EN 179 and EN1125

An anti-panic door must always be able to be opened in an emergency by those present in a building.

This functionality is taken into account in particular in the regulations relating to the risks of fire (fire-resistance performance feature) and panic. In fact, emergency exits are usually located along evacuation routes and it must be possible to open them quickly and easily in the direction of the evacuation.

These ’emergency exit’ doors are usually used in buildings open to the public (ERP) or public places, but also in workplaces. Our main customers for these doors include the retail sector, theatres, concert halls and cinemas, hospitals, industry, offices, etc.
Depending on the place where they are installed, emergency exits will also include other performance features: fire resistance, burglary resistance, bullet-proof, soundproof insulation, etc.

Heinen has a great deal of experience in the field of anti-panic devices, in particular thanks to the many tested and validated gripping devices we offer, as well as the possibility of combining performance features on our doors.

The Heinen doors emergency or panic exit devices

There are differences between “emergency exit doors” and “panic doors”:

An emergency door is an emergency exit in buildings where the people present know the emergency plan. The location of emergency exits is known, in order to avoid panic situations. An emergency door must be opened by means of a door handle or a specific panic bar EN179.

A panic door is installed in a building where many people come, who do not necessarily know the plan of the emergency exits. It is intended that this public can be evacuated in safety by doors that are equipped with an anti-panic mechanism with push or pull handle (specifically EN 1125). This mechanism must be installed at +/- 1 m from the floor and must cover at least 60% of the width of the door leaf(s) in the case of a double door.

source: Jade Lambrecht, High-quality emergency doors save lives

Sauvez des vies avec des portes de secours de qualité

Performances : Anti-panic


The combine optional performance of the Heinen anti panic doors

Heinen doors can combine performance features on a bespoke basis. Depending on your needs, one or more performance features are added to the basic, robust METAL+ door.

Basic performances of the anti panic doors

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Specifications and BIM

FAHE-GRI-002A – Heinen version JPM anti-panic bar

File types : Accessories and equipment

Categories : Gripping elements

Performances : Anti-panic

Product types : Single swing door, Double swing door, XXL swing door, Surface-mounted door


Des performances de sécurité supplémentaires pour les portes de secours

Performances : Anti-panic

Product types : Single swing door, Double swing door, Surface-mounted door


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