Heinen’s HCM fire doorsTested according to the Hydrocarbon Enhanced Curve

Heinen develops fire resistant doors for a wide range of fields. Many of our products are tested to European standards based on the ISO 834 standard temperature/time curve which takes into account the rising temperature of a “standard” fire in order to define fire resistance (e.g. EI1 30, EI1 60, EI1 120…).

However, some doors need resistance for more specific situations where tests using the ISO 834 standard curve are not sufficient. In particular this is the case for tunnel doors where the requirements have been strengthened since the early 2000s. Requirements have also been stepped up to guarantee maximum resistance in specific situations where the temperature of a fire climbs far more quickly.

tunnel door HCM anti-panic

The performance features of the Heinen fire-resistant HCM door

Heinen’s tunnel doors or HCM doors have met the requirements of the maximum level, i.e. level N3: HCM120 / CN240.

They are available as single or double doors. Symmetrical or asymmetrical HCM fireproof.

Three levels of resistance have been defined for tunnel doors:

Level Fire resistance on the ISO 834 standard curve* Fire resistance on the HCM curve*
N1 120 minutes
N2 120 minutes 120 minutes
N3 240 minutes 120 minutes

* Successful criteria E (fire resistance) and I2 (insulation)

The possible combinations on the fire-resistance HCM tunnel doors

Like every Heinen product, they are also available with additional performance features  and are thus perfectly suitable for tunnels and the most secure zones. They are also available in sizes that can be adapted to your needs and with multiple accessories. They can, for example, be combined easily with special accessories (handle-based anti-panic mechanism or anti-panic bar) to meet European standards EN 179 or EN 1125.

The basis performance features of the HCM door

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Specifications & BIM

FTHE 0011 – Metal+ HCM-120 / EI2-240 – Single Swing door

File types : Product sheets

Performances : HCM fire-resistance, C.E., Service life of the door, Fire resistance, Airtightness

Performance levels : EI2 240 + HCM 120

Product types : Single swing door, Double swing door

FTHE 0012 – Metal+ HCM-120 / EI2-240 – Single and double Swing door

File types : Product sheets

Performances : HCM fire-resistance, Service life of the door, Anti-panic

Performance levels : EW 240 + EI2 240 + HCM 120

Product types : Single swing door, Double swing door

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