PSPM has its place in the market as a facility and service company that provides maintenance and repairs in and around buildings.

You can contact us for short as well as long term, small or big projects.

We relieve our customers of everything that could happen in and around a building.

Our well-trained technicians each have their own specialties, which enables us to cover every branch of the building process.

PSPM is, as it were, a “one stop shop” for everything that has to do with your real estate.

With our 24-hours service, 7 days a week, we are also very flexible and able to react quickly to the questions of our customers. PSPM switches and grabs!

With our central location we serve the whole country as well as the lower part of the Netherlands.

With references in listed industrial real estate and in all kinds of service companies and government with several sites throughout Belgium, PSPM is seen by them as a privileged partner to assist them with a wide range of solutions.

Our strong back office ensures that everything runs smoothly and that agreements are met. Thanks to our own QR-system in which every installed door, device, … is registered, they have their finger on the pulse. they quickly have their finger on the pulse when we are contacted by a customer.


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