Real estate Quatuor Building

Befimmo is a real estate investor and operator and a regulated real estate company (SIR) listed on Euronext Brussels. In partnership with its specialised subsidiary Silversquare, it operates coworking spaces and develops a Belux network of flexible professional spaces. 

From the very beginning of the Quatuor project, the question of sustainability in the broadest possible sense was given special attention. It is ecological, passive, renewable, but also focused on well-being, multimodality, health and nature.

The challenge

Befimmo builds buildings that are made to last. A property is supposed to remain in the portfolio for a period of between 30 and 50 years. In the Quatuor project, the challenge in terms of doors was to find qualitative solutions with a minimum overall cost. . In other words, an answer to the question of sustainability.

Key figures

More than 180 swing doors

The Heinen Solution

Each Heinen door has the same unique construction that ensures above-standard mechanical strength (up to M+7), a frequency of use of up to 1,000,000 open/close cycles and an impressive longevity. Maintenance is minimal even under extreme conditions. Heinen offers up to 15 years warranty on its door blocks.

Years of collaboration