Emergency exit

Emergency exits are often obligatory in public buildings, department stores and shops, cultural centres and function rooms, industrial buildings, schools and universities, embassies and many other places accessible to the general public. At Heinen, the basic emergency exit doors already have level CR2 burglary resistance and acoustic insulation (Rw 30dB) thanks to their Metal+ structure. (see also the 'external doors' application)

The emergency exit doors are not as complicated as they look. The have to be fitted with burglary-resistant performance features on the outside (hinge side), combined with a free exit or an anti-panic device on the inside.
At Heinen, this combination has been successfully tested up to level CR4 (with authorised integrated glazing).

"But will the emergency door be properly locked again after it has been used?"

"How will your emergency exit door be used later on?"

=> To answer these two questions Heinen puts forward a solution with automatic 1-point anti-panic locks combined with an anti-panic handle (EN179) or an anti-panic bar (EN1125).

In some circumstances, it may be necessary to block the emergency exit to prevent improper use. We have also devised appropriate solutions on request (subject to strict conditions of use).

Note: the most important aspect of emergency exits is the safe passage. Sometimes the thickness of the leaf is not taken into account when the specifications are drawn up, with the result that the doors cannot be opened wide enough. Do not forget to take this important element into account.


Single emergency exit doors are more efficient than double doors (with one operating leaf and one fixed leaf). In fact, it is more efficient (to counter ram-raid attacks, for instance) to place two or more single leaves side by side, rather than double leaves. Single doors (clearance of 800 or 1200 mm) can be placed in bigger openings. In this case, the frames form a concrete, reinforced column between each door leaf.


  • finish: hot-dip galvanised steel
  • paint: external doors are available in RAL shades of your choice or can be painted after installation
  • locks: automatic 1-point anti-panic lock (the most suitable solution for single emergency exit doors without handles on the hinge side), combined with anti-panic handle or bar inside.