Sliding shutter

A sliding shutter is similar to a sliding door. However, the door leaf does not slide from side to side, but opens vertically. The dimensions of these systems are therefore more limited.

A counterweight and a holding magnet enable the door leaf to remain suspended above the wall opening. If the holding magnet is released (manually or by a fire alarm), the leaf slides downwards.

All the fittings are fully integrated into a stainless steel housing secured in front of the wall opening. Sliding shutters are surface-mounted using screws.

Sliding shutters are made to measure. The dimensions range from 220 mm to 2,320 mm. For more information about the possibilities and dimensions available, do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the main application of the sliding shutter?

Sliding shutters are always fire-resistant with a stainless steel housing. They are used mainly in the food industry (service hatches, compartmentalisation for conveyor belts, near ovens, etc.).


Multiple bespoke performance features

In addition to the basic features of the Metal+ door, you can add several performance features… which can be combined!
For example, it is possible to have a door which is fire-resistant, burglary-resistant and provides acoustic protection at the same time!

Available dimensions

Our compliant fire-resistant sliding shutters are available for wall openings of (L x H):

  • 1250×660 mm
  • 460×1000 mm
  • 520×1000 mm
  • 2320×1090 mm
  • 220×460 mm
  • 220×750 mm