Sliding door

The Heinen sliding door stands out because of its off-specification dimensions.

These doors can be up to 6 m high! They offer exceptional manoeuvrability, ensuring operational security and reliability.

The advantage of opting for this type of sliding door is that the passage is totally unrestricted, without a ground rail.

Glazed units can be integrated into these sliding doors, along with various types of access control.

What are the most common uses of the sliding door?

Sliding doors are often used in industrial settings. Both inside to separate halls and outside. Of course, their main advantage is the easy manoeuvrability, as well as the little space they need to open. These doors can be motorised for even greater convenience.


Multiple bespoke performance features

In addition to the basic features of the Metal+ door, you can add several performance features… which can be combined!
For example, it is possible to have a door which is fire-resistant, burglary-resistant and provides acoustic protection at the same time!

Fittings and finishes

Basic fittings

  • Finish with transparent primer, ensuring perfect adhesion for any subsequent finish.
  • Fixed ergonomic aluminium handle on each side of the leaf
  • Double doors and door leaves comprising several modules have flexible uprights fitted with sealing lips, invisibly attached.
  • Fire-resistant doors are fitted with an automatic, adjustable closing system that operates at a constant speed.

Optional fittings

  • Attractive rail cover in hot-dip galvanised 15/10 steel plate
  • Cover for the door frame posts in the form of a housing in 15/10 steel plate to match the door set
  • Hook lock activated either by a handle or by a Europrofil cylinder
  • Fire-resistant doors: electromagnetic door holder connected to the fire detection system
  • Motorisation
  • Remote surveillance indicators: position of door leaf, leaf surface state
  • Access control: either using 600 kg electromagnets or an automatic lock and 2- or 3-point closing mechanism
  • Glazing: customised, please contact us