Specialist in passive fire protection


MBR Protection has specialised in the sale and installation of various compartmentalisation and passive fire protection applications since 1995.

Among these, MBR can boast exclusive rights in France for all the fire-proof and fire-retardant products of the German group SVT.

These are products based on cement or rock wool and fire-resistant coatings and paints.


MBR Protection is an approved partner for the installation of Heinen doors, whether they are fire resistant (EI) and/or burglary resistant, bulletproof, soundproof, etc.

In addition, this partner can undertake your entire technical facility compliance projects, providing the following services in particular:

  • Fitting fire-resistant valves and/or grilles,
  • Fitting EI walls and ceilings,
  • Filling technical passages,
  • Infiltrometer tightness tests in accordance with standard ISO 14520 and standard APSAD-R13,
  • Fire-retardant protection on cable ducts by projection or encasing in intumescent material,
  • Fire protection assistance and studies,
  • etc.

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